Tenth session of the Intergovernmental Committee (10.COM)
11th National Fair of Bulgarian folklore from 7 to 9 of August, 2015 in Koprivshtitsa, Bulgaria

3rd Annual Coordination Meeting of Category 2 Centres Active in the Field of
Intangible Cultural Heritage (Guiyang, July 6-8, 2015)

The 3rd annual meeting of the category 2 centres active in the field of intangible cultural heritage was held from 6 to 8 July in Guiyang, China. It was hosted by the Chinese centre, the International Training Centre for Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Asia-Pacific Region (CRIHAP).

Altogether 20 representatives from UNESCO Headquarters and its field offices, as well as Category 2 Centres in Bulgaria, China, Iran, Japan, Peru and South Korea attended the meeting. The Regional Centre for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage in South-Eastern Europe was presented by Mr Hristo Angelichin, Executive Director and Ms Zhulieta Harasani, Chairperson of the General Assembly.

The programme of the meeting in China consists of six main sessions, each one moderated by different category 2 centre:

  • Recent developments in the life of the Convention and objectives of the meeting (UNESCO – Cécile Duvelle):English
  • Information and networking, including through the web (ICHCAP): English
  • Collaboration with UNESCO in the global capacity-building programme (CRIHAP): English
  • Approaches to programme planning and budgeting (Sofia Centre): English
  • Approaches to governance and getting the most from your governing body(ies) (CRESPIAL): English
  • Cooperation with Member States in planning and implementing programmes (Tehran Centre): English
  • Evaluation and renewal (IRCI): English

The session ‘Approaches to programme planning and budgeting’ was led by the two representatives of Sofia Centre. Mr Anngelichin, Executive Director, made a presentation on the experiences of Sofia Centre to integrate results-based management approach (RBM management) into the short-term and medium-term programme planning and its efforts to comply it with the strategic priorities and principles of operation of UNESCO.

In the meeting C2 centres discussed a wide array of topics, including interesting discussions on substantial managerial and administrative issues that C2 centers encounter in their daily work for the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage.

The annual meetings of category 2 centres network are an important mechanism of UNESCO in its work of global safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage. This global encounter is a follow-up to the two previous meetings. In 2013 the first global meeting was organized and hosted by the Sofia Centre (24-26 July in Sozopol, Bulgaria). The second meeting was held in 2014 in UNESCO Headquarters during the fifth session of the General Assembly of the States Parties to the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage

Main objectives of the coordination meetings are:

  • Strengthened and enhanced cooperation between UNESCO and the Category 2 Centres as the right partnership network for attaining the strategic objectives of the Organization;
  • Improved communication between the Category 2 Centres and UNESCO aimed at streamlining the operation and document flow of the Centres;
  • Improved cooperation and communication between Category 2 Centres with a view to establishing a functional global network of intangible cultural heritage;

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Photographs: Chinese centre for ICH