20th Anniversary of Foundation Balkanika at Sofia City Librarary
Roundtable titled: “The national cultures of the Balkans: part of a whole”

24th International Festival of Ethnological Film will be held  in the period 6 to 11 October in Belgrade, Serbia, organized by the Ethnographic museum in Belgrade.

On the Festival will be presented documentaries on the topic of Ethnology and Anthropology, whose selection is made by special Selection Committee. The main objective is to allow to the authors to demonstrate their individual approach to research and contribution in the field of ethnology and anthropology. The list of films participating in the program can be found here as well as for the special programme and Programme Festival Plus.

24th International Festival of Ethnological Film front    24th International Festival of Ethnological Film sadrzaj

The film The Blacksmith, Serbia 34′, 2013, directed by Igor Cicmil, scriptwriter Vladimir Peric, is part of the programme which shows the time of plow and horse carts when in almost every village in Srem were several blacksmithths. Slavko Crnobrnja, called Budza, is currently the only blacksmith in village of Martinci and that area. Slavko don`t have apprentice who could preserve the knowledge of the old master and continue the tradition of the blacksmith`s trade. The film presents the attitude towards life of a blacksmith in the twilight of its life, his memories and hopes. The film was presented during the fifth edition of the International Festival of Ethnographic Film which was supported by the Regional Centre Sofia.