Roundtable titled: “The national cultures of the Balkans: part of a whole”
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Roundtable titled: “The national cultures of the Balkans: part of a whole”


On 19 November, in the building of IEFEM-BAS, took place a roundtable titled “The national cultures of the Balkans part of a whole”. The event was held below the sign of UNESCO 70th Anniversary and was organized by the Regional Centre for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage in South -Eastern Europe together with Brain Workshop Institute.

The roundtable aimed to provoke discussion about “Balkan culture” and “Balkan mentality” or otherwise to understand the Balkan cultural area. The lecturers taking part in it presented the Balkans from different point of view – political, historical, and cultural with focus on these common features of the Balkan cultures that unifies this area. The discussions, without doubt, could not cover all possible questions on the topic and therefore the Regional Centre will strive to conduct such interesting roundtables in the future.

Regional Centre thanks all participants in the roundtable!
See you soon!
Programme (Only in Bulgarian)