Apply until Мarch 15to BDC discoveries!

Happy “Grandma March Day”!
Seventh General Assembly for the 2003 Convention – 4-6 June 2018

Apply until Мarch 15 2018 to BDC Discoveries!

Over the last 8 years BDC Discoveries became the leading training programme on the Balkans!

Following the successful outcomes of the previous editions of BDC Discoveries, Balkan Documentary Center (BDC) is glad to announce the open call for projects for the upcoming 9th edition of the international project development training programme! BDC Discoveries focus on documentary filmmakers, who either come from the Balkans or work on a Balkan-related topic and would like to collaborate with the region.

The Regional Centre Sofia in partnership with the Balkan Documentary Centre focus on projects on intangible cultural heritage.

Click here (applicants with project) and here (applicants without project) to get the submission forms, as well as more detailed information on the program.

Please also fill this registration form before applying:

Deadline for submission of projects on ICH: 15 March 2018.

For more information: Webpage BDC