Filming ICH 2018, Belgrade

Training of trainers for the facilitators from Europe
Article on Modern legal frame of intangible cultural heritage by Prof.Dr.Ivan Kabakov

Filming ICH 2018, Belgrade


The whole team behind Filming ICH the first professional pitching forum for documentary projects regarding intangible cultural heritage, is delighted to announce its official selection for its two-day training program and pitching competition. We received an unprecedented amount of applications and deciding on a final selection was difficult, as all the applications were quite strong, full of devotion and creative vision. Nonetheless, here are the projects the team decided should receive the unique opportunity to participate at the forum.

Applications for “Filming ICH” 2018:

  1. The last transhumance – Romania
  2. Three on a hill – Romania
  3. Steps in fire – Bulgaria
  4. Armenian dreamers – Armenia
  5. Flotacija – Serbia
  6. The Journey – Moldova
  7. Merry Cemetery – Romania
  8. Koliatsou in Athens – Greece
  9. La Blouse Roumaine – Romania
  10. Quantum of Clean – Serbia
  11. Tarara – Craoatia
  12. LoveLand – Bulgaria/Poland
  13. The Silk Thread – Serbia
  14. Making an interview with a poltergeist – Romania
  15. Elizabeta Konevska – FYR of Macedonia
  16. Skopie, Texas – FYR of Macedonia

Selected projects for participation in the training, organized by “Filming ICH”:


Director & Producer: Dragoș Lumpan

Country: Romania


Directors:  Alesandra Tatić & Eluned Zoe Aiano/Producers: Greta Rauleac & Anja Glavaš

Country: Serbia


Director: Ruxanda Spatari

Country: Moldova


Director & Producer: Adela Muntean

Country: Romania


Director: Orestis Plakias/ Producer: Phaedra Vokali

Country: Greece


Director & Producer: Mareta Grginovic

Country: Croatia


We are very proud that as part of the forum two main prizes will be given – award of ICH Centre Sofia for best presentation in the amount of 500 EUR and Balkan Documentary Center award, which guarantees an observer’s seat for the program BDC Discoveries 2019!

Good luck to all the participants!