Interview with Mr. Ivica Pranjic, Counsellor in the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Republic of Bulgaria

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Interview with Mr. Ivica Pranjic, Counsellor

Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Republic of Bulgaria


Days of Intangible Cultural Heritage/ Days of ICH of Bosnia and Herzegovina, online


In the recent years, Bosnia and Herzegovina has an active role in the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage as well as in inscribing ICH elements on the UNESCO Representative List. Is cultural heritage, in particular ICH, among the priorities of the state policy and why?

I would like to answer first on question why… with culture so much embedded in the national identities of the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is indisputable and inevitable that the protection of cultural heritage is an obligation of this and future generations of its inhabitants. It is therefore not uncommon for the protection of ICH to be one of the important parts of state policy in area of culture. Of course, the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina and state institutions are extremely grateful to UNESCO for its support and giving the opportunity for the citizens of the world to recognize the importance and richness of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s cultural heritage and participate in its protection and presentation.

Do you have a favorite Bulgarian tradition / ICH element?

Allow me be a bit more subjective answering to this question. Because I am great fan and small collector of handmade and/or nice carpets and had opportunity during my career to see and feel various ones from different parts of the world, I would choose the tradition of carpet-making in Chiprovtsi as my favorite ICH in Bulgaria.

Do you think Bulgaria and Bosnia and Herzegovina have common ICH elements?

Because of proximity, common history and consequences of global or local geopolitics, similarity of traditions, economy, sociological elements and way of life it is inevitable ICH elements in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Bulgaria are about or around the same topics or activities.

Which ICH element of Bosnia and Herzegovina would you like to see inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List?

Along four elements inscribed and two nominated, Bosnia and Herzegovina is preparing proposal for inclusion Sevdalinka – a traditional genre of folk music from Bosnia and Herzegovina – on ICH list.

How could young people be involved and engaged with living heritage, to safeguard and use these values?

Nice and difficult question …. When I was young, family tradition played the greatest influence in getting and keeping knowledge about cultural heritage. With current availability of knowledge, quickness of information exchange, moving and traveling options, ICH of any country is very available to most people. Other question is whether young generations are interested in ICH existence and values. I hope, under all mentioned circumstances, current youth will find interest and joy in knowing and participating in ICH as a nice addition to their everyday life. After that, they will appreciate it and will be easily oriented to safeguard its values.