Cyprus traditional dances

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Glazed pottery of Lapithos, Cyprus
Cyprus traditional dances
(Κυπριακοί παραδοσιακοί χοροί)
Element inscribed on the National ICH Registry of Cyprus



Traditional Cypriot dances are one of the most vibrant and dynamic elements of Cyprus’ folk culture. They are linked to important moments of family and social life, such as weddings, family feasts, religious celebrations and fairs, as well as impromptu gatherings in coffee shops, etc. The most common dances are the kar(t)silama(d)es, which are performed by pairs of two men or two women dancing opposite each other, and individual dances of virtuosity, danced by men while holding an object or tool such as a sickle, knife, sieve or glass. Apart from singing, musical instruments accompany the dances such as the violin, the lute and sometimes the “tampoutsia”, a sieve-like (although without holes) percussion instrument.

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