Project named “Presentation and interpretation of living heritage in museums”

“White on White” Technique of Embroidery of Reshetylivka, Ukraine
Project “Presentation and interpretation of living heritage in museums”

The Regional Centre Sofia – UNESCO is beneficiary of National Fund “Culture” – Bulgaria with the project titled “Presentation and interpretation of living heritage in museums” under the Creative development program. The aim of the project is to raise the capacity of museum professionals in Bulgaria to interpret and communicate the cultural heritage, especially intangible cultural heritage, with their audience, both offline and online.

The project includes an online training seminar within 6 weeks, 8 modules (each of two hours) for 50 museum experts from Bulgaria.  The seminar will be held in February – mid March 2022.

The training modules are Policy and strategic priorities in the activity of UNESCO for safeguarding of living heritage;  Living Heritage and Museums; Interpretation of living heritage in museums; Interpretation of living heritage – practical aspects; Audiovisual anthropology; Innovative laboratory in the museum; Digital strategy of the museum; Management of intellectual property in museums.

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