Capacity building workshop “Developing safeguarding plans for intangible cultural heritage in Serbia”

The exhibition “A Journey through the Living Heritage. The Intangible Cultural Heritage in South-Eastern Europe” visits Plovdiv
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“Developing safeguarding plans for intangible cultural heritage in Serbia”

23rd -26th of May, 2022.

The Regional Centre for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in South-Eastern Europe under the auspices of UNESCO​ jointly with the Center for the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Serbia at the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade and with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Media of Serbia is organizing a capacity building training within the framework of the UNESCO GLOBAL CAPACITY BUILDING STRATEGY FOR THE INTANGIBLE CULTURAL HERITAGE. The workshop will be held in the period 23 to 26 of May 2022.

This training at national level will be conducted by the two experienced facilitators from the UNESCO’s facilitator’s European network, Ms Velika Stojkova Serafimovska and Ms Tamara Nikolic Deric and is tailored to the needs of the specifics of  Serbia’s framework.

The topics to be developed in the training are: introduction of the key concepts of the 2003 Convention and it’s ethical principles; the involvement of various stakeholders with emphasis on community participation, thus showing the degree of understanding required for the development of ICH safeguarding plans; introduction on developing safeguarding plans in line with the 2003 Convention​ focusing on the role of community based inventorying in ICH safeguarding; the interrelation of the ICH safeguarding to the Sustainable Development Goals and hands on strategies and best practice examples for developing concrete competences in the view of safeguarding planning.

The training starts on Monday, 23rd of May in the hall of the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade.